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Welcome To Marich Media Inc.

Marich Media Inc. is a full-service media relations and marketing agency serving small business and clients in the consumer product, literary, and entertainment industries; and also provides consulting services for clients in these industries.  All of our marketing and media relations plans are designed with creativity, imagination, and vision to guide our clients to success.

Technology has enabled a proliferation of new media, programs, and platforms. With this expansion comes increased opportunity to get the message out to a vast array of diverse channels. At the same time, fierce competition for stories among all of these outlets makes it increasingly difficult to decide which program or publication should get which story, as each has specific requirements that must be met prior to being given a green-light.

Now more than ever the necessity for media relations and marketing representation to help focus the media positioning and target appropriate markets is critical for the success of any business, project or career. Marich Media specializes in creating and executing marketing and media relations programs that give our clients the edge in an overcrowded and confusing media marketplace. Marich Media has developed strong media relationships covering many different subject areas and demographics.

Whether you are an author, actor, manufacturer, corporation, non-profit organization, government agency, or production company, our goal is to connect you with as many targeted media outlets and potential strategic partners as possible, using creative ideas and innovative strategies to achieve this objective.

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Using cutting-edge strategies for your success.
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Our Process


We perform a full review of your project. This includes your website, advertising, social media presence, brand identity, previous collateral materials, and your marketplace competition.


Once our review is completed, we learn more about your goals and objectives. We learn how you prefer to work. We learn more about your team. We learn about your previous challenges and successes. We learn what we need to do to accomplish your goals and objectives.


We talk with you about your professional history, what inspires you, what excites you, where you came from and where you would like to go, as a business and business owner. We also talk about how we can make your goals a reality.


Next, we put all of this information to good use by developing a plan that fits your budget and helps you achieve your goals. Our plan integrates your online presence with your advertising and media relations requirements. A plan is a great place to start, however, should the marketplace change or if we feel that we can take advantage of a current event, we quickly and efficiently adapt that plan to the new media environment.


Next is the fun part: Creating the collateral materials, selecting the right images, and bringing it all together. Taking everything we have discussed and turning all of that into reality.


Now that we have the information, the plan and the collateral materials, it is now time to execute the plan. This is when the magic happens. This is when the media and the public get to learn who you are and what you are all about.

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About Joe Marich

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Joe Marich is founder and President of Marich Media (formerly Marich Communications). With an emphasis in consumer, entertainment, and literary media relations and marketing, Marich has worked in public relations for more than twenty years, planning and executing national and international campaigns for book launches, consumer products, special events, fund-raisers and openings in the theatre, art, fashion, television and film industries.

Representing author-director-producer, Michael Crichton (Jurassic Park, ER) for over 16 years until his untimely death in November 2008, Marich coordinated global media tours, personal appearances, and interviews for Dr. Crichton, working closely with his publishers in the U.S., as well as his international publishers throughout Europe.

Adding to his impressive list of successful authors, Marich was responsible for the publicity and media relations for Australian best-selling author, David Rollins, who made a splash in America with his first best-seller titled The Death Trust.

Marich created the successful media relations strategy and campaign for the launch of the fastest-growing on-line lingerie boutique,, garnering national, regional and local media coverage that was so successful, was able to purchase a competing lingerie company within their first year of business.

Over the years, Marich has also been involved in public affairs and crisis management for all the Warner Music Grroup labels and has provided counsel to Virgin Records, United Talent Agency and Oracle Corporation bringing special skills to the clients by preparing them in media training, special projects presentations, and developing and producing electronic media kits for satellite feeds.

Prior to starting his own company, Marich worked with such distinguished clients as Rock the Vote, DC/Marvel Comics, New Line Television and Alliance Communications, Virgin Records, Oracle Corporation, and United Talent Agency among others.

Marich is also the author of a public relations book for Delmar Publishers titled Literary Publicity: The Final Chapter, which was launched Febuary 2001.

Earlier in his career Marich worked for Douglas Cramer, a top producer and studio executive, and Aaron Spelling and Charles Rosin (executive producer) on the popular television series, Beverly Hills 90210. For six years he was also an instructor at California State University - Long Beach and Rio Hondo College.

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Our Clients

Since its inception in February 1996 (as Marich Communications), Marich Media has had the great fortune of working with some of the most talented and interesting business, entertainment and literary clients around today.  These include innovators in the entertainment industry; fearless and talented authors; trailblazers in consumer electronics, sports, and fashion; and hard-working small businesses.  We consider it a privlege to help our clients realize their goals, and play a role in their success.

The clients spotlighted on the website are representative of the over 300 clients Marich Media has worked with since opening.

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Contact Us

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